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Client Testimonials

5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial: "It has been a pleasure dealing with Bob Howell these past couple of years. He is extremely knowledgeable with the plans that are offered and help guide me in the right direction. Thanks,." - Ed P

5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial: "I was contacted by bob several years before Medicare year. He was assisting me and many other professionals to create a group to obtain medical insurance. To that end my husband had an insurance benefit for me. Bob stayed in touch with us for several years..then we needed Medicare coverage. He's got our business and high grades. Don't do this on your own or with anyone else!!!” - Holly N

5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial: Hey Bob this is Roy. I just wanted to call and thank you for the gift card you sent me. We appreciate it. Thank you very much buddy Burrows is my brother in law and he want to know if we had got her Medicare is from and through and I told him we got was you and he said that you'd ___ in here send me something and I appreciate the card you know we're the ones who live out here between Sherman and South Made. We're the one's got chickens and you come out one day and talk to me and we met at Golden Corral. Was nice nice to received the card and I just wanted to thank you and you have a great day now. -Roy

5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial:Your Testimonial: Bob and his staff took an overwhelming jungle of information (including of the "mis-" type) and made the decision of getting the best Medicare option as clear and easy as anyone could expect. Both my wife and I used Bob's experience, expertise, and honesty to sign up. He clearly laid out the options and costs, and warned us what to look for if someone contacted us with a "better" option. I especially liked being able to tell callers that we already had an agent, and didn't need to discuss options with them. The only things that kept me from selecting 5 stars: I have a slightly unusual situation in that I will collect RR Retirement, not SS (and the agency wasn't highly familiar with this); and there are a couple of questions in the on-line Social Security application that I wasn't prepared to answer. -David W

5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial: I received and invite to attend one of Robert Howell's seminar/luncheons to review my options for Medicare. I had not done any research on Medicare and the process and so I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by attending. Mr. Howell was able to go over all the options and presented me with several ideas on what was the best policy for me. He took time to work with me personally. Mr. Howell did the sign up process for my Medicare, my Drug Plan and my Supplement for me at no cost. I very much appreciate the time he took to help me with all my Medicare needs. When it was time to do my wife’s Medicare we used Mr Howell again! Cliff S

5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial: Gayle and I appreciate you so much for making your presentations so clear and simple to understand. We are thankful for the plan that you helped us choose. You can put us in your satisfied customer list. -Denise & Gayle 5 out of 5 Stars Testimonial: It was a pleasure working with Bob a year ago when I was ready for Medicare. He made the process very easy. Very helpful. I highly recommend him. - Corinth